On Car Repairs and Saving Money

So last week I had an axle replaced on my car. Yay. This week a soft but persistent scraping noise has developed, and today copious amounts of mystery fluid came leaking from somewhere in that general area. Dirty jokes aside, it was starting to piss me off.

Upon backing my car out of the driveway and immediately noticing a giant dark smudge, further investigation revealed that fluid had been slung everywhere.  My face at this moment was that of a car lover who was beginning to hate cars.

It’s an odd relationship – me and the automobile.  I love driving.  I have a problem, however.  Apparently driving does not like me.  I have a superpower of sorts.  All I have to do is lay eyes on a vehicle, take the keys in my hand, and hit the unlock button to cause a litany of unpleasant and undoubtedly expensive malfunctions.

My current car is a Honda.  It’s Japanese – reliable, a great car (winking face).  Since I have owned it, I have replaced enough parts to constitute, well, all of them.   It’s not a new car, but it’s not that old either – 6 years in fact.

To reduce the resulting financial hemorrhage, I do some work myself.  The other day the light bulb that illuminates the fuel gauge burnt out.  It’s a $1.99 bulb – no biggie – 30 minutes or so and the dashboard was apart.  I swapped out the bulb and managed to save $70.  Rock on.

My proud grin vanished, however, when I switched the lights on.  Things were much darker than I was expecting, as I had managed to short out half of the neighboring bulbs during my repair efforts (one of which lit up the speedometer).  Apparently reassembling things exactly the way you found them can cause problems such as these.

So while driving that night, my speed was determined through guesstimation.  After offering to the nice officer my superhuman power as an excuse as to why I was speeding, and passing the resulting field sobriety test, I received a lovely greeting card.  Total cost – $145.00.